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Copyright Agreement Form

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This Agreement, effective immediately, is between Sanguku Journal of Mathematics (SJM for short), and the AUTHOR

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The AUTHOR hereby grants SJM permanent, worldwide, royalty-free license to publish the WORK in its electronic, CD, and print archives, or parts of any collection of papers published by SJM in whatever formats. SJM shall have the right to include the WORK as part of its collection available on Interlibrary Loan. This license and right shall remain valid even after the AUTHOR has transferred the copyright of the WORK to another agent.

The AUTHOR agrees that when he/she publishes the WORK in the same form, or substantially the same form, in another publication, prior publication in SJM shall be acknowledged by explicitly citing SJM, volume number, year of publication, and page numbers. The author warrants that he/she has the authority and full power to enact this Agreement.


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